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June 25, 2020

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Isoke Salaam Noir Vintage PR

Isoke Salaam
Noir Vintage, Founder

Isoke Salaam, Founder of Noir Vintage, on using fashion as a means to express yourself, secondhand shopping, and her passion for art

“Life is always a fashion show.”

Q & A with Isoke Salaam

1. City of residence: Washington, D.C.

2. Place of birth: Orange, New Jersey

3. In under five sentences, define your business (Noir Vintage): NOIR.  focuses on style, luxury and sustainability. NOIR. was inspired with  the intention to focus on slow fashion. Fast fashion has become a  drain on our environment, and sustainability and social responsibility  are now at the forefront of fashion. Style does not have to be  compromised to be sustainable. Enters, NOIR.

4. What inspired you to launch Noir Vintage? I love luxury fashion and  believe that it should be accessible to everyone. The price points for  luxury fashion are typically on the higher end and every NOIR piece is  under $125! I also think sustainable fashion should be super stylish.  NOIR. Is the creation of both of those concepts.

5. What is the best part about the work you’re doing? Why? I love  inspiring people to try new things. I love working in fashion and am  excited about a brand new opportunity to elevate the fashion scene in  D.C. I know how much talent is in the city and I would love to be a  representation of that talent.

6. What are three fashion tips (when it comes to styling clothes) you  can share?
1. Wear what fits! 2. Don’t be afraid to go all black head  to toe! 3. You can never go wrong with leopard print.

7. What book(s) are you currently reading? I am currently reading The  China Study.

8. Quote you (try to) live by? It’s always a fashion show. Always.

9. Using one word, how would you describe yourself? Eccentric.

10. What is one random fact that most people don’t know about you? I  can play lacrosse!

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