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Janeane Marie, Founder of Manta

June 12, 2019

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Janeane Marie

Manta, Founder

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
William Wordsworth
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Janeane Marie, Founder of Manta

Podcast Episode

Janeane Marie, Founder of Manta: “You have the power to make a difference”

“My wish is that people would buy less but buy better, as is heard more and more often, but also, have a moment every time you decide to purchase something. Every time you pick a product up and think “I am going to buy this!”

Q & A with Janeane Marie:

1. City of residence: North Palm Beach, Florida

2. Place of birth:Willows, California

3. In under five sentences, define your business: Manta is a women’s swimwear line inspired by minimalism and the sea at night. Made from recycled nylon performance fabric that is milled in Italy, Manta is built to last season over season.

4. What social or environmental impact is your business making?
In the realm of fashion production, I’ve always believed that the larger positive impact is made by manufacturing methods in relation to people – how human beings are treated and how work makes life better for individuals and families. So, while I use fabric made from Nylon (recycled from commercial fishing nets abandoned in the open ocean), MANTA will also only be made in local production facilities in a collaborative way with businesses. I try to work with women-owned or led businesses as well. For the most part, fabric making and dyeing will have a considerable negative impact on local environments, which of course ends up having a global impact. The part of that process i can control is how I choose to have the fabrics converted into goods.

5. What is the best part about the work you’re doing? Why? The response I get from women, especially moms, is just overwhelming to me. When a customer goes out of their way to message me – to let me know that when they put on a manta suit they FEEL different, that they FEEL sexy or confident or good wearing a bathing suit, instead of imperfect or less-than… it makes me feel so grateful that I had a part in that somehow, or that something I design provided that experience.

6. Out of all the products you produce, which is your favorite? Why? The Shima Maillot – it is hands-down the MOST comfortable suit I’ve ever worn. It is the perfect balance of feminine silhouette + understated details. It’s great for every body type. It just feels amazing to wear! When I put it on I get an instant boost in confidence.

7. What book(s) are you currently reading? “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (I’m reading this aloud with my husband who’s never read it, it’s my 7th time reading it.

8. Quote you (try to) live by? “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” – William Wordsworth. To me, it means that

9. Using one word, how would you describe yourself? Ready. Also, Minimalist.

10. What is one random fact that most people don’t know about you? I almost never buy clothes. I am insanely dedicated to things, and will wear something I love until it’s covered in holes 🙂 I also tend to buy the same thing again and again.


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