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Gayatri Datar, EarthEnable Co-Founder

October 4, 2018

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Gaya Datar Earth Enable podcast

Gayatri Dat

EarthEnable, Co-Founder

Gayatri Datar, Co-Founder of EarthEnable, on the journey that led her to Rwanda, how earthen floors are changing peoples lives, and the challenges of running a social enterprise

My guest today is Gayatri Datar, Co-Founder of EarthEnable located in Nyamata, Rwanda. In this episode we cover: – The journey that led her to co-founding EarthEnable – Why earthen floors + how they’re created – Her passion for international development work – What it’s like to run and manage a social enterprise in Rwanda – The positive social and environmental impact she and her team are making  “My parents raised us to be really grateful for what we had and really aware of what other people did not have.

Profile: Gayatri Datar, EarthEnable, Co-Founder

Changing Floors, Changing Lives. 

1. City of residence: Kigali, Rwanda

2. Place of birth: PA, USA

3. In under five sentences, define your business. What social or environmental impact is your business making? Nearly 75% of Rwandans and 65% of Ugandans live on dirt floors, which are a major cause of poor cognitive development, infectious disease, and malnutrition in kids. A clean floor has been shown to reduce diarrhea by 49%, parasitic infections by 78% and improve cognitive development by 36%. However, concrete is prohibit

ively expensive at 300+ USD for a 20 square meter home. 1.4 billion people still live on dirt, and have no option for clean, durable, and affordable floors. EarthEnable provides an affordable alternative to dirt floors: locally sourced, earthen floors that are 70% cheaper than concrete. Earthen floors are waterproof, easy to clean, abrasion ­resistant, and beautiful. They are made with a mixture of compressed earthen materials – rocks, sand, clay – and are then sealed with our proprietary plant-based drying oil. Our floors are not only cheaper than concrete; they also use 90% less embedded energy.

4. What is the best part about your job and the work you’re doing with Earth Enable? Why? The team – it’s so inspiring to work with a generation of young Rwandans and Ugandans who are as excited and passionate about eliminating dirt floors as I am 🙂

6. What book(s) are you currently reading? “Donut Economics” on audiobook!

7. Quote you (try to) live by? “Don’t do what you think the world needs, but what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is what makes you come alive.” – Howard Thurman

8. Using one word, how would you describe yourself? Gritty

9. What is one random fact

that most people don’t know about you? I used to be incredibly shy and reserved when I was younger.. no longer!

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