15+ Breathable & Sustainable Underwear Brands

July 19, 2023

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I’m the girlfriend you text when you’re scratching your head reading labels in the grocery store, the confidante you blurt your “I can’t tell anyone else!” bathroom shenanigans to and the handy science nerd who comes through with the best cost-cutting, time-saving health tips you don’t know how you ever lived without.


I have a thing for beautiful lingerie. Maybe it’s my Franco-American upbringing but beautiful lingerie is something I’ve always loved. There’s just something special about wearing lingerie. No matter how I feel whenever I slip into something feminine, sometimes lacy, it just helps me to feel more confident and put together! It’s a simple self-care practice I give to myself! 

But for me, it doesn’t just end at beautiful lingerie. Where and how my underwear was manufactured is equally, if not more so, important to me as well. 

I like knowing who created it, where it was manufactured, what fabrics are being used. In short, brand transparency is a must for me!

My 3 non-negotiables when it comes to selecting sustainable underwear:

Breathable fabric 

When it comes to underwear, I like to stick to natural fibers (merino wool, cotton, and linen are my favorite). I stay away from any synthetic materials as much as possible. 

Growing up, when it came to underwear, the women in my life always advised me to stick to cotton. It’s more breathable, they’d say.  But, is it really? I did a bit of digging and it turns out they may have been onto something. 

Cotton, and other natural fabrics, are often recommended by doctors and  other experts because they are breathable. They also happen to be more absorbent than certain synthetic fibers which helps to reduce moisture from being trapped in unwanted places. Doing so helps to reduce the likelihood of developing yeast infections and other skin irritations. 

That being said, for my athletes out there, I personally prefer wearing merino wool over cotton for days when I know I am gonna get a good sweat in. Cotton, while absorbent, isn’t as moisture-wicking, i.e. it kind of just stays damp (just saying), as merino wool or hemp.  In fact merino wool and hemp are not only natural fabrics but they’re touted as being both moisture absorbent and anti-bacterial, which makes them great for those days when you know you’re gonna be working out or chasing your toddler around!

What to look for

Not sure what sustainable fabrics to be on the lookout for when shopping for underwear?

Here’s a brief overview of the different natural fabrics and what certifications to watch for. Conscious Life & Style has a great piece that compares the pros and cons of common textiles that I’ve linked here – How Sustainable Are Fashion’s Favorite Fibers, Fabrics, and Materials?

Conscious Manufacturing

How and where my clothes are manufactured is of the utmost importance to me. I am that person who looks at the ‘About Us’ and ‘FAQ’ pages before even looking at a brand’s apparel and goods. I like knowing where, how, and who created the products. For instance,  Were the workers paid a fair wage? Has the brand vetted their manufacturing factories? What fabrics are being used? Do they ship in eco-friendly packaging or take into account their carbon footprint?

I know, it’s a lot! Not everyone has time nor do they want to investigate fashion brands to this extent, which I completely understand. That’s why I’ve put together this sustainable underwear brand guide for you! Each of the brands listed below are transparent about their manufacturing practices, fabric choices, sustainability goals (and challenges), and are doing their best to create a product that is both as sustainable and ethical as possible. 


In case you couldn’t tell, I am not someone who spends on a whim. I am someone who researches, often hemming and hawing before making a purchase – especially when it comes to sustainable underwear, more specifically lingerie. If, like me, budget is something you consider before investing in new garments, know you’re not alone. Below I’ve listed the price range for each brand to help you narrow down your search. 

That being said, supporting a sustainable fashion brand is more than just about the garment. You’re investing in the lifecycle of the garment, supporting everyone along the supply chain from farmers to artisans to packaging and distribution. If it’s in your budget to do so, investing in a sustainable underwear brand is a good investment – for you, the makers, and the planet.

Plus, sustainable garments are often made using high-quality materials that tend to last longer. This means you may invest more upfront but less in the long run as you don’t need to replace your garments as often. Pssst…contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to throw your underwear away every year. 

15+ Sustainable Underwear Brands

1. Mighty Goods

Mighty Goods underwear may look like your everyday cotton underwear but this is one brand that takes their commitment to ethical manufacturing extremely seriously. I love how transparent they are about where and how their cotton is manufactured, going as far as listing their factories addresses! Their cotton is GOTS certified and Fair Trade organic cotton, which ensures that farmers are paid a living wage and work in safe conditions, and that cotton is free from any harmful pesticides. In addition, Mighty Goods products are produced in factories that are SA8000 certified, the world’s leading social certification program for meeting ethical and social labor standards.

Doing Good: 

  • GOTS and Fair-Trade Certified Organic Cotton
  • GOTS certified dyes
  • Fair Trade Factories
  • Support small scale organic and fair trade cotton farmers

Underwear Styles: Bikini, boy leg, hipster, granny, G-string
Price range for underwear: $19.00 – $24.00

2. Pact

Pact was one of the first sustainable underwear brands I ever purchased from and to this day, they’re still one of my favorites. Their underwear is made with organic cotton in a fair trade factory. This ensures that all their products are manufactured in safe, sweatshop-free, and child-labor-free facilities. More than just an underwear brand, Pact also has bras, dresses, and even includes a maternity line. 

Doing Good:

  • GOTS Organic Certified 
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Carbon Neutral via SimpliZero which helps them to measure the impact of every single Pact product.
  • Give Back Program for gently used items with free (!) pre-addressed shipping label
  • Responsible Packaging 

Underwear Styles: french cut bikini, lace waist, thong, high cut brief, boy shorts, low waist brief
Price range for underwear: $14.00 for a single pair $84.00 for a bundle of 6

3. Kent

If you’re truly looking for 100% plant-based, organic, and plastic-free underwear, Kent is the brand for you. This California-based brand has created one of the first truly 100% compostable underwear. From fair trade farming to eco-friendly packaging Kent is committed to creating a high-quality product that values people and planet above all else. 

Doing Good: 

  • 100% compostable underwear (home and industrial)
  • 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
  • 100% plastic-free (and micro plastic- free)
  • GOTS organic dyes
  • Ethical Manufacturing
  • Soy-based and Oeko Tex-certified inks
  • Carbon neutral & 1% for the planet 

Underwear Styles: High waist, thong, hipster, bikini
Price range for underwear: $24.00 -$28.00

4. Pico

Pico is such a beautiful underwear brand, is that weird to say? It’s true. Even their website is beautiful! But, what I also love about this brand is their commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Pico, a brand based out of the UK, works directly with a small, living-wage paying factory in southern India and uses organic cotton sourced from farmers’ cooperatives. If you’re looking for minimalistic organic cotton underwear, this is a great brand to consider. 

Doing Good:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Fair Trade Factory
  • GOTS certified dyes + Work with natural dyers and other artists and makers on bespoke collaborations.
  • The Pico Team is working on a side project researching UK fiber production.

Underwear Styles: Low rise, high waist, and full brief knickers 
Price range for underwear: 18 Euro – 34 euro

5. Oddobody

When I first landed on Oddobody’s website I chuckled. One of first things you see on their website is a testimonial that reads “you are changing the world one vajj at a time!” and I think it’s a pretty fair testimonial. Oddobody, a woman-owned business, focuses on empowering women by not only producing GOTS certified organic cotton underwear but by collaborating with experts to help educate women on the amazing intricacies of their bodies. The brand also sells tanks, pants, shorts, and kids underwear.  

Doing Good:

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton 
  • Fair trade certified 
  • Empowering women through expert-created educational resources on body related topics.
  • Eco-friendly packaging  

Underwear Styles: high waisted, brief, string bikini, french cut, sleep short, brief, woven boxer
Price range for underwear: $22.00-$48.00 

6. Tomboyx

Tomboyx is one of the few sustainable underwear brands, to my knowledge, that designs and manufactures thoughtful, beautifully-made products for all bodies and needs, of all sizes and across the gender spectrum. Although Tomboyx’s cotton products aren’t 100% organic they are OEKO-Tex certified. They are also really proud of the fact that some of their products, such as their thongs, are made from soft and sustainable TENCEL™ Modal. Tomboyx also has sports bras, swim apparel, compression tops, tucking underwear, and bras. 

Doing Good:

  • The majority of Tomboyx facilities are certified by WRAP and the Fair Labor Association, two of the leading organizations guaranteeing fair treatment and competitive wages for factory workers.
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Dedicated to empowering our LGBTQ+ community
  • B-Corp Certified 

Underwear Styles: bikini, briefs, boy shorts, hipsters, trunks, boxer briefs, tucking bikini cuts, packing boxer
Price range for underwear: $16.00-$29.00

7. Pansy

If you’re all about supporting USA made sustainable underwear, Pansy is a great option! This brand uses organic cotton grown in Texas, milled in North Carolina, and designed and sewn in California. Even the natural rubber/cotton elastic used in their underwear is made in the USA (hey Rhode Island!). And if you’re wondering about the dyes, not only are they non-toxic but each garment is dyed right here in the states. When it comes to Pansy underwear, everything from elastic bands to tags is organic and, other than their organic thread which hails from India, domestically made.

Doing Good:

  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • 100% compostable
  • Made in the USA
  • Dyed in small batches using non-toxic dyes

Underwear Styles: high rise, french cut, low rise, thong, stretch shorts 
Price range for underwear: $32.00-$42.00

9. Knickey

Kinckey cotton underwear come in various cuts and styles ranging from low-rise thongs to maternity below-belly briefs. Not to mention that customers are raving about how comfy these GOTS-certified cotton underwear are! Especially the high-rise briefs, which currently have more than 2,500 reviews! But comfy underwear isn’t all this brand offers. You can also find bralettes, tanks, socks, and shorts, all of which are manufactured in factories that are fair-trade certified.

Doing Good:

  • GOTS-Certified organic cotton
  • Fair Trade-Certified Factories
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Carbon Neutral 
  • Recycling Textiles Program, Knickey intimates or not!

Underwear Styles: Low-Rise Thong, Low-Rise Bikini, Mid-Rise Bikini, Mid-Rise Hipster, Mid-Rise Brief, Mid-Rise Retro Brief, High-Rise Brief, High-Rise Thong.
Price range for underwear: $17.00 

10. Thunder Pants

Thunder Pants USA touts itself for being wedgie-proof! I haven’t personally tested this but according to their customer reviews…the proof is in the pudding. So, if that’s a recurring struggle for you, it may be worth testing out this brand’s goodies. All their cotton underwear are cut and sewn in Oregon and come in a multitude of colors and prints designed by local artists.

Doing Good: 

  • All cotton Thunderpants USA garments are cut and sewn in Hillsboro, Oregon in a minority, woman-owned factory.
  • Fair Trade-Certified Organic Cotton yarn for bulk of their production.’

Underwear Styles: original, hipsters, sky rise
Price range for underwear: $20.00-$28.00

11. Brook There

Simple yet modern Brook There underwear is perfect for your everyday life. This brand was created out of the founder’s desire for minimalist lingerie that was both comfortable and ethically made. I think she nailed it! Each of Brook There’s products are made using organic cotton and are both milled and dyed in California. They’re cut and sewn in a small factory in Massachusetts. One of the things I really like about Brook There underwear is the color palette – underwear colors range from undyed to midnight blue. 

Doing Good:

  • Organic cotton made from GOTS-certified yarn
  • Made in USA
  • Eco-friendly Packaging

Underwear Styles: Bikini, hipster, thong and boy shorts
Price range for underwear:  $38.00-$48.00 

12. Lacy Linen

Lacy Linen is a sustainable underwear brand that uses the highest quality OEKO-TEX-certified linen material. I personally think Lacy Linen’s underwear is really unique and elegant. Plus, I love the fact that everything including the lace on their underwear is made of linen.  If you’re a fan of linen, you’ll be happy to know Lacy Linen also has linen bras (including a nursing bra), nightwear, kids wear, and mens underwear. Note: I am placing an order and will update this description once I’ve had the chance to test these out for myself!

Doing Good: 

  • 100% organic linen 
  • 100% compostable at end of life
  • Ethically handmade in a family-owned studio in Lithuania, Europe
  • Made-to-order business model which helps to avoid any excess products that would otherwise end up in landfills 
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified 
  • Uniquely made using 100% linen

Underwear styles: Bikini, boy shorts, high rise, thong, classic briefs, hipsters, and plus size 
Price range for underwear: $33.00 – $38.00

13. Stripe & Stare

Stripe & Stare is a female founded, British brand, that creates cute, comfy, and sustainable underwear for everyday use. One thing I love about this brand is their recent collection of 100% fully compostable underwear, the B-edit. Their mainline collection, which is made using 95% TENCEL™ Micro Modal (aka trees!), is almost fully biodegradable.  Stripe & Stare carry a variety of options ranging from bodysuits, camis, crop tops, joggers as well as underwear. Made in child-free and labor-free factories, every worker throughout their supply chain is paid the living wage or above. 

Doing Good:

  • TENCEL™ Modal fibers
  • B-edit collection is 100% compostable.
  • Ethically manufactured in child-free and forced labor-free factories. 
  • Workers paid a living wage or above along the entire supply chain.
  • One tree planted with every order + support charitable organizations

Underwear styles: Brief, thongs, Brazilian, boxers, high rise
Price range for underwear: $24.00- $32.00 per underwear

14. Branwyn

Branwyn lingerie is made using ethically and sustainably manufactured merino wool.⁣⁣ Don’t be fooled, merino wool may sound scratchy but it’s not! And, as underwear, it’s amazing! It’s so soft and breathable. Plus, merino wool is naturally anti-microbial and moisture wicking! Great for days when you know you’re gonna be working out or chasing your toddler! ⁣⁣Note: Although they do currently use a small amount of traditional nylon and elastane to create stretch and durability they are diligently working to create a product line that will be 100% compostable by the end of 2024. Currently their garments are a knit blend of 81% merino wool, 12% nylon, and 7% spandex.

Psst…I tested Branwyn’s lingerie and really like how comfy their bralette and bikini bottoms are. So, joined their team as an affiliate! This means you get a discount and I earn a small fee which I can use to help grow my business — it’s a win-win. ⁣⁣Use code 𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘞𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘦𝘳𝟷𝟶 for $10 off any single item.

Doing Good: 

  • Made using ZQ certified, OEKO-TEX 100, and REACH compliant merino wool
  • Ethically manufactured in Istanbul
  • Designed using Santoni, a seamless knitting technology, which helps to reduce fabric waste 
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Donates a minimum of 1% of all sales to nonprofits organizations such as Play Like a Girl, Black Women in Sports, Still I Run and others
  • Eco-friendly packaging 

Underwear Styles: Bikini, hipster, and thong
Price range for underwear: $30.00-$38.00

14. Proclaim

An underwear brand that represents all women and does good for the planet? Yes please! Proclaim is a WOC-owned inclusive sustainable underwear brand that uses earth conscious fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel™ Modal (wood pulp). Although best known for their nude collections they’ve recently launched a colorful collection of cotton underwear. They also produce bras, bralettes, bodysuits, slip dresses, and swimsuits. 

Doing Good:

  • WOC-owned
  • Ethically created in Los Angeles in a BIPOC-owned apparel factory
  • Eco-friendly fabrics

Underwear styles: Mid-Rise Brief, High-Rise Brief, thong, ribbed biker brief,
Price range for underwear: $24.00-$38.00

15. Organic Basics 

Organic basics is a Danish brand that produces everyday basics that are both people and earth-friendly. Products, which range from underwear to socks, are made using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and recycled polyamide. If you’re looking for everyday underwear that is both ethically manufactured and transparent about their environmental impact, this might be a brand you want to check out.

Doing Good:

  • Ethically manufactured in certified factories
  • GOTS-certified cotton,  TENCEL™ Lyocell, Global Recycling Standard (GRS) recycled nylon
  • Trace the environmental impact of each of their garments via Made2Flow
  • B-Corp certified 
  • Carbon Neutral through One Carbon World

Underwear styles: Rib flex hipster, High rise brief, High Rise Tanga, Move Briefs, hipster, shorty, Thong 
Price range for underwear: $18.00-$28.00 

16. Wama

Ever worn a pair of hemp underwear? If you haven’t, here’s why you might consider making the switch. Similar to merino wool, hemp is naturally antibacterial and anti-odor. Plus, it’s super soft and breathable. Wama uses hemp grown on small, organic family farms in China and manufactured in a Oeko-Tex Certified factory. Wama also produces a hemp triangle and racer back bralette and underwear for men.

Doing Good: 

  • Organic hemp grown on small farms
  • Ethically manufactured
  • Oeko-Tex Certified dyes
  • Green America Certified Business
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Underwear Styles: Hipsters, bikinis, briefs, thongs, boy shorts, and high waisted
Price range for underwear: $24.00

17. Y.O.U Underwear

Unsurprisingly, Y.O.U underwear is the highest-scoring B Corp in the UK! Y.O.U underwear, which is manufactured in two of India’s leading sustainable and ethical factories, is made using GOTS-Certified Organic, Fairtrade and PETA-approved cotton. Since 2022, You Underwear has donated over 32,700 pairs of underwear to vulnerable communities thanks to their Buy One-Give Two model. You Underwear also sells period panties, bralettes, and socks. 

Doing Good:

  • GOTS-certified organic and Fair Trade
  • GOTS low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes
  • Ethical manufacturing 
  • Buy one Give two model
  • Highest scoring b-corp in the UK. 

Underwear styles: bikini bottoms, boy shorts, thongs, period underwear
Price range for underwear: $13.00 and $19.00 (£10 – £15)

18. Madi Apparel

Handmade in small batches in Kansas City, Madi Apparel is a brand whose mission you can absolutely get behind. For every item sold, Madi Apparel donates a pair of underwear to a woman in need in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape clinics and disaster relief situations. To date, Madi, which stands for Make a Difference, has donated more than 9000 underwear in over 55 organizations! Made using eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and cruelty-free silk, Madi Apparel is both good for the planet and people. 

Doing Good:

  • Eco-friendly fabrics
  • Hand-dyed with natural dyes
  • Buy-one-give one model to support women in need 
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Made in Kansas City

Price range for underwear: $36.00-$38.00

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