Some Commonly Asked Questions

How do you practice conscious living?

There are many parts to embracing a holistic lifestyle. And you don’t have to start all at once. By making little changes in your life, you will quickly start to notice a big difference. Some areas where I focus:

  • Mindful recipes for healthy eating
  • Bringing eco-friendly products into your home
  • Natural alternatives for health
  • Minimalist lifestyle changes
  • Combining beauty with health and sustainability

Can slow living fit my busy schedule?

Absolutely! My goal is to make slow living feel less intimidating and more attainable. Whether that’s helping a busy mom meal plan, or making it quicker and easier to understand women's wellness, I’m the gal you wanna go to. 

Can you advertise my sustainable product?

Every product I feature is one that I’ve tried and loved. I’m always looking for new non toxic, eco friendly and sustainable products. Fill out the form above with details and I’ll do my best to try it out. 

Do you have any products you’ve created?

As a matter of fact, I do! I am in the process of creating four herbal cycle syncing teas and a french cookbook. I’ll be sharing more soon about these exciting products and other slow living self care products like non toxic soap, non toxic candles, and more.

Can I share a blog post idea or podcast topic for you to explore?

Please do! I want to know what you're curious about. Send your suggestions by filling out the form above. I do not accept solicitations to guest blog. 

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