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Some of my favorite all-natural energy drinks + protein bars

October 25, 2018

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Energy Bars & Sports Drinks With A Social Mission.

1) Rickaroons

Eat. Win. Repeat.

Clean, simple, and packed with a whole lotta taste! 

  • Created using only organic and natural ingredients. More importantly, ingredients I know how to pronounce!
    Coconut (oil, flakes, and coconut palm nectar), cocoa nibs, almond butter, vanilla beans, chia seeds, espresso beans, and mint.
  • The coconut palm nectar, aka sweetener, is sustainably and environmentally sourced.

Rickaroon’s sources it’s palm nectar from 20,000+ small farms in Indonesia.

The workers on these farms have seen average daily wages increased 100%.

Their coconut palm nectar supplier utilizes 20,000 small farms that are not mono-culture groves of palm trees. The trees co-exist with numerous bio-diverse plants in Indonesia. (see blog for more info).

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More info can be found on their website, here.

Grant LeBeau co-founder of Rickaroons


2) Bio2

Ingredients you can pronounce. 

The first certified organic bars in Brazil.

An all-natural, plant-based, gluten-free, organic, protein bar on a mission to protect our planet.

The biO2 Expedition aims to propagate an ecological awareness of nature conservation, encourage the practice of outdoor sports and a healthy diet with the least environmental impact.

Encouraging healthy eating, sports and the preservation and regeneration of nature through conscious production and consumption. Being ecologically sustainable and having credit with the natural resources used. You can get more information here.

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More info can be found on their website, here.


3) Square Organics

Goodness in bar.

Made of all organic, REAL, and fair-trade ingredients.
Square Organics palm nectar is fair-trade certified from the Philippines and their chocolate, which is sourced from Peru, is also organic.

Social Impact:
These bars are not only delicious and ethically sourced but they give back.

In 2013, Square Organics partnered with Not For Sale — a leading anti-human trafficking nonprofit. #endslavery ⁣⁣
⁣⁣Not For Sale is an international non-profit based in San Francisco that works to end exploitation and protect communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

⁣⁣⁣⁣Square Organics makes a quarterly contribution, based on their net sales, to Not For Sale.

⁣⁣To date Square Organics has contributed about $42, 983 to NFS!!!⁣⁣

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More info can be found on their website, here.


4) Skratch Labs

Made from scratch using real ingredients

I reached out to Skratch Labs to get a bit more info the other day and, I was thrilled to hear about all the good they’re doing.

  • All their drink mixes are NON GMO certified!
  • There are No artificial dye, preservatives, or artificial flavors.
  • Skratch Lab uses all-natural ingredients such as fruit, chocolate and nuts and a balance of nutrients that is best for the body.
  • They don’t use any ‘manufactured’ ingredients or use any type of treatment to process the bars, which I love. No preservatives are used because the ingredients they choose are shelf stable creating a natural preservative (12 month shelf life).

All Skratch Lab products can be recycled through TerraCycle (check out my blog for more info about Terra Cycle here).
Note: They’re looking into compostable options but need to find something that works for the product & keep it dry and not breaking down. They just haven’t found a product that works yet.

Social Impact:
Skratch Labs’  Wellness Hydration Drink Mix, is specifically formulated for children and adults who are dehydrated due to illness. Oral Rehydration Solutions such as Wellness Hydration Drink Mix are proven to reduce the risk of cholera, an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water supplies and causing severe vomiting and diarrhea. Their goal is to help people eliminate this sickness and get them back on the road to being active.

They’ve also formed a partnership with Remote Area Medical, a non-profit that provides free healthcare around the world through pop up clinics. Clinics are created to help everyday people in need as well as natural disaster areas. They’ll be donating Wellness Hydration Drink Mix to 35,000 people around the world! #badass

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More info can be found on their website, here.


5) Little Nut

Ok, so, yes, technically this is for babies 6+ months BUT they’re so good and small enough that I can easily take them with me anywhere. Plus, I love all things peanut butter.

All-natural ingredients
Little Nut squeeze packs deliver a nutritious blend of peanuts, coconut, and real fruit – with no added sweeteners!
It provides 2.5g of peanut protein per serving, and 3 grams of total protein.

Social Impact:
All proceeds from the sale of Little Nut further Edesia’s humanitarian mission to help treat and prevent malnutrition in the world’s most vulnerable populations. Edesia is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Since production began in 2010, Edesia’s lifesaving foods have reached over 5.5. Million children in over 50 countries!

(I interviewed Navyn Salem, founder of Edesia. She has a great story and is truly doing some amazing work! Stay tuned for her episode.)

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More info can be found on their website, here.

What, and how, you consume matters!!!

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