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Motherhood & Zero-Waste Living: Olivia Gossett Cooper

June 12, 2019

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 Olivia Gossett Cooper

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Q & A with Olivia Gossett Cooper:

1) What is one thing about motherhood/pregnancy that you were least expecting?

I haven’t had poop on my face yet, I was expecting a lot more of that.

2) How has motherhood/pregnancy changed you?

Center of gravity shifts. I’m Mom now, not just Olivia + baby.

3) What three things have you found to be the most challenging when it comes to living sustainably (eco-friendly, ethical fashion, etc.) & raising children?

  • Diapers are number one. I’ve been able to find a solve for almost everything else. But, I haven’t found a perfect solution to diapers.
  • Second to that would be water waste. So many bottle to clean all the time. I could get more bottles and dish-wash them all at once, hmmm, maybe I should do that!
  • Third would be breastfeeding. I know it’s the most sustainable way to feed my baby while he’s not eating solids, but it is really time-consuming. Knowing that there is a pre-made bottle out there that doesn’t take 20 minutes to pump out 4-6 times a day is verrry tempting. But, I would never do it so long as I can continue to provide breast milk. I feel lucky that I’m able to provide him with enough breast milk, not all moms can, so I just remember that and keep pumping on.

4) What three tips (things that worked best for you) can you share with other mothers/fathers to help them along their eco-conscious/slow fashion journey?

First, get ahead of gift giving. Making a gift registry was helpful in doing two things. First, it helped curb the number of gifts we didn’t need and would go to waste. Second, it allowed my husband and I to show people the types of (natural) things we wanted for our baby without having to explicitly say it. People got the gist and went along with the theme of eco-friendly gifts even when they didn’t stick to the registry.

Second, do research before the baby is born and get setup to win wherever possible. When you’re scrambling baby, it will be harder to justify spending time researching the most sustainable choices for whatever decision you’re facing at any given moment.

Third, talk to other eco-friendly parents and get real with each other. It’s been comforting to get ideas from other parents but also vent with them about when things didn’t go as sustainably as we’d hoped.

5) List three of your favorite ethical and eco-conscious children’s brands (toys, clothes, food, etc.)

Etsy (shopping locally and organically)
Burt’s Bees (for a less expensive, eco-friendlier option)
Greentom (Stroller made from recycled plastic that is really amazing)

6) Living an eco-friendly/slow fashion lifestyle isn’t always convenient or easy, but why does it matter that we at least try our best (there’s no such thing as perfection).

To model the lifestyle and values for our children! One of the justifications I had for the footprint of having a child was that I would do my best to raise someone who would respect the planet and help lead his generation into a more sustainable way of living. Part of that is showing him how mom is trying to do this her way.

7) What topic are you most looking forward to discussing during this podcast conversation?

Pressures of being an eco-friendly person and being a mom, and aha moments.

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