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Motherhood & Zero-Waste Living: Natalie Kay

June 21, 2019

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Motherhood sustainable living

Natalie Kay

Sustainably Chic, Founder 

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Q & A with Natalie:

1) What is one thing about motherhood/pregnancy that you were least expecting?

I thought I would have everything in line when it came to being sustainable, but I have many exhausted moments where I just give up. It sounds awful to say, but some days – between being a new mom and working – things can be too much to handle. I knew it would be tough, however, I didn’t think I would just throw the ‘eco’ towel in for a few days at a time 😛

2) How has motherhood/pregnancy changed you?

Little things don’t bother me like the used to. I like to live more in the moment, and not dwell on silly stuff. Also, being completely present and on the phone as little as possible has become so important.

3) What three things have you found to be the most challenging when it comes to living sustainably (eco-friendly, ethical fashion, etc.) & raising children? 

The most difficult part for me has been time management. You really have to plan ahead to always be as eco-friendly as possible. I’ve really struggled with this. Most days, I’m running on empty and can’t always make him food or wash diapers.

4) What three tips (things that worked best for you) can you share with other mothers/fathers to help them along their eco-conscious/slow fashion journey?

First one – pick what’s most important for you when it comes to being a conscious parent. Is it diapers? Is it food? Is it clothes? Start with one, and go from there. If you try to master it all at once, sometimes that can be too overwhelming and you feel like giving up.

Second, don’t sweat the small stuff. There will always be moments where you could have done better. It’s normal!

Lastly, learn to plan. Being an eco-friendly parents takes more thought, so make sure you carve out some time to do some weekly planning.

5) List three of your favorite ethical and eco-conscious children’s brands (toys, clothes, food, etc.)

  • Sustain by Kat makes plant-dyed, organic cotton clothing for babies and kids.
  • Once Upon a Child is a great second hand children’s store that carries everything from clothing to strollers.
  • Little Lentil Clothing is an organic capsule clothing line for kids that has a buy back program so the clothes can keep getting love.
  • **Bonus** my favorite strollers are from Greentom and Bumbleride!! It’s a question I get asked a lot 🙂

6) Living an eco-friendly/slow fashion lifestyle isn’t always convenient or easy, but why does it matter that we at least try our best (there’s no such thing as perfection).

I think being a good steward of the earth is a value we should instill in our children, and the best way to do so is through leading by example. It’s hard to have a sustainable society and future without everyone taking part in this movement – and where better to start with our own children?

7) What topic are you most looking forward to discussing during this podcast conversation?

I just want us to be real and honest about the struggles with sustainability and parenthood. It isn’t easy, and the more open we are about our weaknesses and strengths, the more we can learn from each other.

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